In the tantric and yogic cultures of Buddhism and Hinduism, the term, Chakra is characterized. It is assumed that the chakras are in the hub of the body and an individual collects his or her energy from them. The prime glands or organs that administer the other parts of body link the chakras. The name of Chakras is rooted in the Sanskrit word where it means wheel or turning. In Hindi it appears as Pali. The essential points of the physical body are communicated with the Chakras. The existence of Chakras can be interpreted in the segment of the subtle body and the Chakras are not available in the time of autopsy. In the classical Upanishads, the breath channels of the yogic practices were discussed. However, it was the eighth century when the Buddhist Hevajra Tantra and Caryagiti appeared and the tiers of Chakras were commenced.

ChakrasWe see there are the teaching and texts that introduce the diverse number of the Chakras; besides, the diverse physical compositions can relate to the Chakras. In a broader perspective, there is no general method of the chakras. It depends on the teacher and school how they present the chakra.

The Chakras are considered the energy system existing in the subtle bodies. They can access the universal energy; therefore, the human beings can use it within their bodies. It is seen that the Chakras in the body can function as the open points or they act as the transformers of the energy.  They are to absorb the energy and within the body system the energy is absorbed. We can find that there are seven Chakras as the body associated them. These Chakras communicate with the main nerve plexuses. Similarly, there are the points in which twenty-one minor chakras are available in the body. As we are thinking of the significance of balancing the Chakra, we should know the kind of Chakras that are available in the body system. The seven Chakras and their activities are to be reckoned.

root-300x300We can find the Root Chakra and it looks red.  It appears in the base of spine. It works with the grounding, sexuality, and survival. If you have a balanced Chakra, you can receive the outcomes of stability, trust, prosperity and physical health. When there is any triggering of imbalance, it brings terror. Carrying an imbalanced Chakra let you give the heavy feelings, isolated feelings, hoarding, obesity, greed and materialism, repeated terror, shortage of discipline, underweight, spacey and restlessness.

The Sacral Chakra looks orange. It is available in the abdominal, lower back, hips and genitals. The sacral chakra is to work for emotions, desire and the sexuality. When you have the balanced Chakra, you can derive the stabilized feeling, sexuality and pleasure. The result of imbalanced chakra is the over emotions, lacking boundaries, excessive sexual intentions, attachments of compulsiveness, terror of pleasure, rigidity or the emotional numbness.  The Solar Plexus Chakra appears in the yellow color and it is available in the solar plexus. The personal will and power relate to this type of Chakra. When this chakra is in a balancing form, it brings the vitality, strength, spontaneous actions, reason and self-esteem.  Due to imbalance, it brings the ego. It also creates hostility, domination, acts of blaming, scattered brain, passiveness, fear, poor self-esteem, weak will and constantly activeness.
heartThe heart chakra is green. It is located at the heart area. It works for relationship and love. When the Chakra is a balanced one, it brings the compassion, stabilized relationship and the self-acceptance. When this chakra is in the imbalanced mode, it brings the damages or unhappiness. It also brings the result of co dependency, possessiveness, lacking the boundaries, obsession, shyness, and loneliness. The isolation, lacking empathy, bitterness and criticality are also the outcomes of imbalance.

Throat-Chakra_6568The throat chakra seems blue and it is available in the throat. It is the communicator. The balanced chakra brings the outcomes of distinctive self-expression, creativity and verbal appearance. When it is imbalanced, it lacks the truth. It creates the adequate chatter. The person is not able to listen and understand. It deals with the shuttering; the person feels the terror of speaking and the poor rhythm.

browThe sixth one is known as third-eye or brow chakra. The color is purple. It exists in the brow zone between the eyes. It focuses the imagination and intuition. When brow chakra is in a balanced form, the individual can have the psychic perception, the right interpretation of the events, the imagination and clear observation. In an imbalanced form, it brings the illusion and the shortage of clearness in situation. It also creates the nightmares, headaches, problematic concentration, poor vision, poor memory, inability of seeing the patterns and the denial attitude.
The crown chakra appears as the last one. The color is white; it appears at the pinnacle of head meaning it is in the cerebral cortex. It concentrates on the self-awareness. When it is balanced in form, it brings the wisdom and knowledge. In an imbalance state, it brings the attaching to the things. It can also bring the excessive intellectuality, confusion, disassociation, difficulties of learning, spiritual skepticism, lacking beliefs, materialism and the apathy.

The significance of balancing Chakra is immense. As we are growing, the balance of seven prime chakras appears as a unified form. Having inconsistency in one Chakra makes you derive the outcomes of depression, lower energy and consistent anxiousness. When you have the balanced Chakra, it can bring the holistic nature as the individual can work consistently all through the day. The individual accepts the other energies whether the situation is imbalanced or balanced. These people are entirely aware of the internal energy. The balanced chakra method brings the outcome of higher energy frequency deriving from the body. There is coordination between the Chakra points and the universal energy in the body as it caters for the ecstatic being.  The expression of the individual is laughter, love and happiness and we all strive for these factors every day.