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How to Use Tantric Energy for Healing?

Tantric energy is a powerful force that can be used for healing and growth. Tantric energy can be changed in several ways, such as:

%Chakras Balancing Massage How to Use Tantric Energy for Healing? storing and rerouting
%Chakras Balancing Massage How to Use Tantric Energy for Healing? letting go and directing

Semen retention is a way to save and redirect tantric energy. This is done by separating the orgasm from the ejaculation and keeping the semen. This practice enhances energy, stamina, focus, and drive.

Another way to preserve and redirect tantric energy is through “edging,” which involves building sexual arousal and redirecting the energy before reaching climax. Breathwork and body awareness are key to these practices.

%Chakras Balancing Massage How to Use Tantric Energy for Healing?%Chakras Balancing Massage How to Use Tantric Energy for Healing?To release and channel tantric energy, individuals can try practices such as orgasmic meditation, which involves focusing on the sensations of orgasm and using breath and touch to release and channel the energy.

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Volkan Rakin (Vol) has 20 years of hands-on experience in alternative health practices including energy healing, tantra, chakras, and various forms of massages. He was initiated by lineage guru Dr. Vinay Sharma, a disciple of Dr. P J Saher, father of Zen-Yoga. He trained under the personal guidance of various masters from the India, Tibet, Nepal, Philippines and Africa, as a humble student and servant. As well, as many leading modern practitioners.

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