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At the core of all energy healing practises is the concept of “life force energy,” also known as “chi,” “kundalini,” etc. The human body comprises billions of cells, each generating its energy in electric signals. Every element, physical or nonphysical, creates energy. We get bombarded with this energy in our day-to-day life – from our thoughts to the food we eat. This energy also gets transferred from our parents within the genes.

Generally, the energy system within living beings is self-governing, acting to keep them safe from imbalances in internal and external energy flows. In ancient times, the imbalances mostly happened due to external sources like magic, curses, etc. However, in modern times, humans are getting energy imbalances from everywhere – processed foods, pesticides, domestic and industrial chemicals, even social media. However, the worst offender is our brain, which continuously processes thousands of thoughts each day.

Ancient masters developed various techniques to fix this problem. These techniques differ widely, but at the heart of them all is the goal of the unrestricted flow of energy through the human body. These techniques share standard tools: visualization, breathing, focus/meditation, and faith!

Success with any technique is proportional to the intensity of effort people put into it and their faith in its effectiveness. Without these two elements together, benefits are limited and temporary.

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Volkan Rakin

Volkan Rakin (Vol) has 20 years of hands-on experience in alternative health practices including energy healing, tantra, chakras, and various forms of massages. He was initiated by lineage guru Dr. Vinay Sharma, a disciple of Dr. P J Saher, father of Zen-Yoga. He trained under the personal guidance of various masters from the India, Tibet, Nepal, Philippines and Africa, as a humble student and servant. As well, as many leading modern practitioners.

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