Chakras Balancing

Relax & Energize Your Soul

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Session generally includes Holotropic Breathwork, Kundalini Activation, Tantric Healing, Vagus Flow Activation, Full Body Energy De-Toxification, Lymph Drainage and Clearing of All Nodes, Yoni Balancing / Lingam Alignment with Root and Sacral Chakras, Deep Tissue Aromatherpay Relaxation Massage, Energy Alignment and Pelvic Floor De-stressing, Deep De-armouring of Energy Blocks using Tuning Forks and Crystals.

Generally, at time of session, depending upon energy activation and flow, modalities are altered/combined for optimum comfort and benefit of the clients.

Please be aware that during energy work sessions, you generally feel a sudden rush of flow of energy when blocks removed or kundalini activated. Your body expresses this surge of energy in various forms from crying, shivering, trembling, sighing, heavy breathing etc. These are all normal symptoms and one must not be concerned about these during the session. Your aim must be to let the energy move freely without any endorsed restrictions by your ego.

At end of the session, it is ensured that energy is grounded. In some instances, you might have feeling of fatigue, dizziness, black round spot on body etc due to flow of energy and release of blocks, which will subdue within 2-5 moon nights. These should not be a reason of any concern.

Please refer to various articles on the "Blog" page with all the relevant details. If you have any specific queries, please email me at and I will get back to you at the earliest.

Preferably no jewellery, no metallic articles including pins and buckles in clothes, polyester or extremely tight clothing

No details of clients are shared at any social media platform or any other agency. All contact details are managed using industry leading encryption tools.

NOT AT ALL: "Chakras Balancing" is primarily an body energy de-toxification and activation session session based on centuries old energy healing works including breathwork, tantric healing, massage, and kundalini activation. It is not an alternative to regular medical, psychological, chiropractic, or any other treatment advised and offered by qualified medical health practitioners.

Sure, sessions will help during pregnancy, both from a physical and holistic perspective. Pregnancy sessions are tailored and adjusted to your particular body type and stage of pregnancy.

Yes. Session is not recommended if you have a recent major surgery, skin infection, or undergoing treatment requiring radiation therapy. 

For sessions outside Australia, Perth suitable studio within CBD is booked for the sessions. However, client’s are highly encouraged to have sessions at their own home, apartment, or hotel; if suitable privacy & security ensured. No travel charges if locations within 25km of CBD. 

Generally, Volkan Rakin is available in Bali, Dubai, and Australia. Every quarter he travels to Europe, Asia and Africa in addition to Annual visits to America's and Canada.

You can book your session in your city or country depending on Volkan's  travel schedule.

To avoid disappointment, everyone is encouraged to book well in advance.

If you intend to engage Volkan for a private ceremony, workshop, retreat etc, please email at

Avoid heavy food and alcohol at least one hour prior to the session. Come with an open mind to receive healing and connect with your higher self. Turn off your mobile phone, fitness trackers, and wireless or Bluetooth gadgets, and fully disconnect yourself from the material world for the duration of the session. If possible, bring along 100% cotton, loose clothes for the session. Please avoid polyester-type sports clothing.

It is highly appreciated that you spread the word and share your experience with the community, family, and friends.

In fact, I do offer a promotional package for your social media posts, recommendations, and videos. The offer ranges from a heavily discounted standard session to a free option.

Similary, referrals are highly appreciated! For any referral, both parties get a decent discount ranging from 25 to 50% off

In addition, a limited number of free sessions are offered for promotional video models.

In all cases, clients are not asked/pushed for above until and unless they desire.