Chakras are the gateway of energy and healing. It not only enriches the performance of an individual, but also awakens the spiritual side.

Balancing Chakras is vital for one’s health and fitness. Moreover, it is not a herculean task and everybody can do with little assistance. It is wheels of lights located all over the body but majority of them is located along our spine from base to crown of our head. These are responsible for spiritual, physical and mental functions. Every chakra has different color just like the rainbow.


  • Top of the Head- Violet
  • Above and between the eyebrows- Indigo
  • Base of Throat- Blue
  • Centre of Chest-Green
  • Below the Navel- Yellow
  • Above the Navel- orange
  • Base of the Spine- Red

According to traditional writings, human body has 88,000 chakras each representing different areas of body. The majority of Chakras don’t have any significant advantage, but out of them 40 have distinct advantage. These Chakras are located in the feet, hands, fingertips and shoulders.

Balancing your Chakra is essential if you want to remain fit and healthy. Here are some health advantages of the same

  • They are the power stations; hence they are responsible to keep healthy mind and body.
  • They increase agility of our mind
  • They are responsible for providing healthier and happy life.

Remember, people who function with lower chakras neglect spiritual life and they are preoccupied with materialistic possessions.


Upper Chakras are responsible in inculcating creativity and people dominated by these chakras tend to be creative and spiritual. But they remain drained during the week.

The key for healthy living is having a balanced Chakra; it revitalizes your mind, body and spirit.

  • How you can Balance your Chakra
  • Meditation is the key
  • Visualization is another way to feel resistance, stop and let go tension

Whichever method you choose, remember chakra balancing provides positive results only if you feel good and confident about yourself.