chakrasIf you were to ask someone living in the Western region of the world what is the meaning of the word “chakra” they probably would not have an answer. Interestingly enough, if you were to ask   Westerners who have travelled to the East what is a “chakra” they would have at least heard of the word, and perhaps even be able to explain its meaning.

Clearly there are many differences between the Eastern and Western culture, and one of the most obvious is the approach to health and well being. The Easterners have long been familiar with the concept of body and mind as an answer to health problems, and in fact are primarily responsible for its discovery and development. The Western world is only starting to accept that such a concept exists. There is greater awareness that Alternative Medicine is a viable option for good health, but in practice, the majority of people are still relying on conventional medicine alone. As awareness changes, there is more of a trend to seek out treatment using a combination of alternative and conventional medicine.

Going back just twenty-five or thirty years, practices such as acupuncture, Reiki healing, reflexology and meditation were unheard of in certain parts of the world. With the advent of the New Age of self awareness and personal growth, the world started to become aware of new ways to heal. These new ways were more spiritual and energy based, and before long, new methods started popping up like mushrooms. While they seemed new, they really were not new at all. These schools of healing methods had been established thousands of years ago in places like India, Japan and China. It is safe to say that there is a return to the completely natural, energetic and non-invasive ways of healing the physical, mental and spiritual bodies.

While all energy healing works on the same level, there is a methodology that is very established among practitioners, but not that well known to the general public yet.  This particular system deals with energy centers throughout our bodies known as Chakras.

Chakra is a Sanscrit word meaning wheels, and is often depicted in pictures and charts as the sun with its rays, or a wheel with spokes. Legend has it that many thousands of years ago, India was invaded by the Aryan army, and the attackers rode in on chariots. The wheels of the chariots lit up with a bright light as the new rulers came into power, hence the vision of spinning wheels of bright light was attributed to the chakras.

All matter is made of energy, and all energy carries its own vibration. Depending on the speed of vibration, matter will take on different forms. The slower the vibration, the denser the matter, and the denser the matter, the more visible it is.  Therefore, since material objects are readily visible they must be vibrating slowly. The human body is an example of a denser object that is visible to the naked eye, however as the body’s energies vibrate,  layers of energies are formed which cannot be seen. These layers are the subtle bodies that are situated around the physical bodies, and form the aura.  The aura includes the physical body, the subtle bodies and the chakras. The chakras run through the outermost level of the subtle bodies all the way into the physical body.


There are hundreds of chakras spinning ideally in a clockwise direction, attracting healthy energy for us to absorb, while at the same time, throwing off negative energy we no longer need. The healthier the chakra, the more energy we attract. The more energy we attract and hold on to, the healthier and stronger and happier we can be. A healthy chakra is one that is spinning rapidly in a clockwise direction, with no blocks to stop the flow of the Chi or Prana (Universal Energy or Life Force) that we need to live. Chakras, however are not always healthy, and for the most part are forever changing. The state of the chakras depends on many different factors, such as lifestyle, thought patterns, emotional history, and past life history as well. As one moves through life and its experiences, the chakras are absorbing the effects.

Although there are hundreds of chakras, there are seven major ones that usually are dealt with in healings. These start at the bottom of the spinal cord, at the coccyx bone, and reach up along the spinal cord all the way to the top of the head. The Yoga Philosophy is the ideal to develop chakra awareness and chakra health. Breathing and body positions are practiced gently in order to relax the mind and gain flexibility in the body, and to balance the chakras. The goal of any spiritual practice is to be able to find the balance between heaven and earth, body and spirit, grounding and universality.  In order to reach this balance, a flow of energy from the earthly planet must be able to move vertically, from the feet, up the legs and spine to the top of the head and beyond, where we connect to the higher sources of energy.  When the flow is blocked anywhere along the way by an imbalanced chakra, we cannot reach the self awareness and awakening that is our ultimate goal.

In keeping with the Holistic approach to wellness, Chakra balancing addresses both the body and spirit. At one level, clearing the chakras heal the physical body by releasing stored blocks accumulated through a lifetime of traumas and negative experiences. Once these blocks are  gone, the body can return to its original natural state of perfect health, and the results will be readily noticed. At another level, healthy chakras allow the flow of pure energy to move freely from the lower to the higher chakras, and the natural state of abundance, prosperity and joy can be realized.

Therefore, Chakra balancing is vital for those who want speed up their spiritual advancement, but is equally important for those wanting to maintain physical and mental health.  In fact, by maintaining good mental and physical health, the path to spiritual awakening will be all the easier.